In a new push by Pantene Japan starring Sato Kondo and babychanco, uniqueness and self-expression are being upheld as the key message.

Pantene Japan has rolled out My Hair Moves Me Forward, a marketing push starring its first grey-haired ambassador, Sato Kondo, alongside social media sensation, babychanco. The main print ad was released in a recent edition of the Asahi Shimbun local newspaper.

The two were paired together due to their hugely attention-grabbing styles. While Kondo is renowned for maintaining her natural hair colour, the one-year-old Japanese girl is famous for her voluminous head of hair that broke the internet when she was four months old.

Running on the #HairWeGo hashtag, the new Pantene Japan effort celebrates difference and uniqueness, and aims to inspire women to abandon convention and choose freedom of self-expression. Both personalities have the admiration of fans everywhere, making them an ideal fit for the exercise.

The campaign aspires to encourage even more women to take a step forward and become the best version of themselves by embracing their individuality and true selves. A digital spot has also been developed and stars Instagram icon, babychanco, who celebrated her first birthday late last month.

She rose to popularity as an infant when her mother started posting photographs online to highlight her beautiful hair. In the first seven months of those images going live, her fan base grew to over 300,000 followers. Apart from exposure from Pantene Japan, she has been featured extensively in the media.

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