Pampers latest innovation is designed to protect sleep and promote healthy development

Pampers, the brand trusted to be the #1 choice of US hospitals for more than 40 years, is proud to continue its heritage of supporting the happy, healthy development of babies with the innovation of Pampers Preemie Swaddlers – diapers designed to support the development of premature infants weighing less than 4 pounds by protecting their sleep.

Sleep is critical for premature infants as it allows their bodies to grow and their brains to mature and develop. According to a recent study, diaper changes for a premature baby are considered as stressful as inserting a Catheter, Nasal CPAP or Heel prick.

With up to 6 hours of absorbency, Pampers Preemie Swaddlers are carefully crafted to help minimise stressful diaper changes and outside disruptions, such as leakage. The new design also helps support natural positioning to keep preemies comfortable and asleep.

“When babies are in the womb, they have this natural and nurturing environment that allows them to develop, both physically and neurologically,” said Lynn Schuetz, Senior Director, R&D at P&G.

“When they come out into the world earlier than expected, this process is interrupted, making sleep even more critical to their development than normal. That’s why we were so excited to be able to bring this product directly to preemies by distributing it into the hands of the hospitals taking care of them during this most delicate time.”

In addition to focusing on preemies’ development, these diapers were also made with their caregivers in mind. With NICU nurses giving diaper changes anywhere from 6 to 8 times a day, Pampers knew to bring them into the design process was crucial to ensuring Pampers Preemie Swaddlers was its most comfortable and gentle – yet still effective – diaper yet.

“As a category leader in the preemie space, it’s our job to evolve our products as the needs of our babies do,” said Schuetz. “It was therefore important for us to lean into NICU nurses’ knowledge whilst creating this product. As the ones that watch over these infants and ensure their growth and development is on track every single day, we knew leveraging their insights would be key. As part of our commitment to the healthy, happy development of baby, it includes being committed to those that serve them on a daily basis.”

Pampers Preemie Swaddlers supports up to 6 hours of absorbency for uninterrupted sleep for babies under 1800mg. They can be found in sizes P3 and P2 and are available in select hospitals across the US.


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