Orchard Pig have created a pig-shaped wooden hut that you can hire on AirBnb to celebrate the launch of its new product, Orchard Pig Pink Cider.

The glamping pod is available to rent on AirBnb throughout August and can be transported to wherever you request in the UK. The listing comes with a case of the new pink cider and sleeps 2 people, though there is room for up to 12 people inside. 

The description says the pod is “equipped with all the camping essentials (but not too many – this is about embracing nature and living the piggy lifestyle…)”

Rhona Fyfe, Brand Manager of Orchard Pig, says, “Everyone loves a taste of the countryside, but we know it’s not always easy to get to, and the old-school camping experience isn’t always glamorous. 

“That’s why we’re turning glamping into glamPIG – bringing flavours of the farmlands to wherever you desire, complete with sleeping bags, facilities and of course plenty of Orchard Pig Pink cider to quench your thirst.

“We promise that you’ll never experience anything like it – prepare for a night sleeping inside a giant pink wooden PIG – that’s something to snout about.”

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