Oikos commits 100% of February profits from the sale of new Pro Product Line to fitness PROs and independent gyms to support the fitness community

The past year has tested the strength of the fitness industry, which lost more than 480,000 jobs due to the pandemic. Gyms are closing and the fitness pros that help us flex our ugliest #PROFACES – that ugly game face we all make when maxing out on the weight floor or on the field – are struggling. In tandem with its new Super Bowl ad which salutes these fierce #PROFACEs, Oikos PRO is launching Oikos PRO for Pros, a grant programme, to help give independent fitness businesses and trainers the support and strength they need.

The new grant programme was inspired by the brand’s latest product innovation Oikos PRO, which contains 20 grams of high-quality protein per 5.3-ounce serving, and its Super Bowl debut in the new #PROFACE ad.

The ad features Oikos spokesperson Saquon Barkley, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Jalen Hurts, Darius Poulk, AJ Brown and other titans of strength, including New York-based fitness trainers Angela Gargano and Nina Saunders, making their most epic #PROFACES as they push their limits in the gym.

“We’re excited to debut Oikos PRO, our new collection of protein-packed products, at the Super Bowl with a new ad that demonstrates our support of the fitness community and those pros who dedicate their time and energy to keeping us strong,” said Surbhi Martin, Vice President, Marketing, Danone North America.

“Fitness professionals are one of the many groups in need of our support right now and we wanted to ensure they get the helping hand they deserve. That is why we’re proud to introduce Oikos PRO for Pros, our new grant programme and commitment to strengthening the independent businesses and trainers that keep us, and our #PROFACEs, strong in these challenging times.”

Through Oikos PRO for Pros, Oikos is giving away 100% of February profits from the sale of Oikos PRO, with a minimum donation of US$100k/£73.6, to strengthen those who strengthen us. The programme will give 100 trainers and independent gym operators the chance to receive at least a $1k/£736 grant to help strengthen their fitness-focused businesses.

Between 2/1/2021 ‒ 2/28/2021, Fitness professionals and independent gym owners can apply for the chance to receive at least US$1k/£736 by visiting www.OikosPROforPros.com. They are invited to share how they have stayed strong and/or strengthened their community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and a photo of their best #PROFACE.

“The fitness industry is dedicated to fostering strength in all forms,” remarked Angela Gargano, American Ninja Warrior contestant and personal trainer. “But this year, it’s the fitness pros and independent gyms that need our support. Oikos PRO for Pros is an incredible programme to help give them an extra boost of strength so they can get back to doing what they love — building strong bodies, minds and #PROFACES.”

“Recovering from ACL and meniscus injuries involves a lot of time rehabbing and making some really ugly #PROFACES,” said Saquon Barkley, New York Football Giant Running Back. “Oikos PRO knows that in order to get strong, you first need to get ugly.”

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