Nordstrom partners with photographer, Max Fargo, and director, Clara Cullen, for latest ad push to capture styles the way people wear them.

Nordstrom has launched a campaign in the United States. Shot by photographer, Max Farago, with video direction from Clara Cullen, it showcases the brand’s autumn releases using print, digital, social, outdoor, and video elements. The exercise premieres in Canada on 4 September.

The vision behind the effort was conceptualised by the group’s Vice President of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim, who also led the last four creative campaigns from the retailer. Under her direction, the above husband-and-wife team was tapped to bring the latest Nordstrom ad push to life.

Edited and styled to capture how people really dress, the strategy displays intimate, honest portraits of models and non-models alike to deliver a modern yet relevant perspective on high-fashion. The campaign’s imagery and videos can be viewed through a dedicated Fall 2017 website.

“Our campaigns are an opportunity to tell our most fashion-forward story. Yet, this season we put the focus back on people. We cast those who inspire, have something to say, and use their voice for positive impact whether through art, education, journalism, or mixed media,” said Kim.

The cast includes actress and television journalist, Hailey Gates; ballerinas and dancers, Lourdes Taylor, Camryn Taylor, Nia Parker, and Nia Lyons; art curator, Angela Goding; sculptor and model, Jane Moseley; activist and model, Ebonee Davis; self-taught designer, Elizabeth Rangel; and others.

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