Naomi Campbell has set a new trend with her exclusive 42-piece clothing collection in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing.

For the Boohoo-owned brand’s collection, Campbell has collaborated with two black designers. The featured designers are Victor Anate, 20, from Nigeria, and Jamaica-born Edvin Thompson from New York.

Committed to promoting opportunities for young talent, Naomi Campbell has curated this unique collection. The edition will include ideas and visions of young designers, recognising talent from all corners of the world.

From being the first black woman to appear in French and British Vogue to endeavours in singing and acting, Naomi Campbell has always played a key role in empowerment. Likewise, her extension of commitment to promote young talent and designs linked her to this UK-based womenswear brand.

Targeting the 16-35 age demographic, Pretty Little Thing has always had a distinguishing narrative. Similarly, these black creatives by Naomi Campbell will instil “a sense of strength and confidence that Campbell maintains both on and off the runway”.

Naomi Campbell x Pretty Little Thing

Blending Anate and Thompson’s avant-garde vision with Campbell’s timeless beauty, the collection will step into the limelight on September 5.

Additionally, 15 top-picked Naomi Campbell x Pretty Little Thing dresses will be showcased live at an electrifying fashion experience at New York Fashion Week. The show can be livestreamed via the brand’s YouTube channel, showcasing the model’s innovation, glamour, and empowerment.

Paying homage to Campbell’s fashion legacy, Anate and Thompson have specially designed pieces for the diva. Victor Anate, the founder of Vicante, a Lagos-based fashion brand, crafted a bodycon dress, whereas CFDA Award winner Edvin Thompson created a fluttering off-white satin dress.

Pretty Little Thing
Victor Anate designed cut out bodycon dress Image Source Naomi Campbell x Pretty Little Thing

Exuding classic high fashion, Campbell’s designed collection integrates a signature jumpsuit, sequins, outerwear, and timeless chainmail dresses. Besides those are a premium faux leather series, floor-length dresses, and cocktail dresses embellished with pearls, sequins, and velvet.

Pretty Little Thing
Edvin Thompson designed an off white satin dress Image Source Naomi Campbell x Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing has designated the collaboration a monumental moment and the most significant collection ever undertaken. The exclusive collection is available on the brand’s website beginning September 5th and from affordable prices of £15.

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