As a major step of the brand’s reinvigoration, Under Armour has announced the appointment of John Varvatos as Chief Design Officer. The new design head will commence his services on September 11, 2023.

The idea to integrate Varvatos, a veteran of the fashion industry, into the American sportswear firm, was conceived earlier this year. Carrying out this vision, Under Armour has brought his deep expertise in style and form to the company.

Following this new appointment, Varvatos will be the Director of Creative Design and the design studios in Portland, Baltimore, Oregon, and New York.

The fashion industry has seen numerous milestones achieved by John Varvatos. From professional beginnings at Polo Ralph Lauren in 1983 to creating his own clothing line in the 2000s, Varvatos has received many accolades from the designer community.

One of Varvatos’ greatest achievements to date is the Calvin Klein boxer brief, helmed as one of the greatest apparel revolutions of the century.

Under Armour

Under Armour on Its Voyage to Revitalisation

Stephanie Linnartz, Under Armour’s President and Chief Executive Officer, addressed this new venture: “John will work in partnership with our product team to bring apparel, footwear, and accessories from concept to commercialisation, blending performance and style.”

Varvatos’ opportune appointment comes as the brand’s revenue fell 2.4% to $1.32 billion during the trading month of August. Therefore, to refresh the brand and regain sales, Varvatos‘ appointment is a blessing in disguise for the Maryland-based company.

Under Armour’s consumer demands have been mostly impacted in North America, one of its largest markets. However, this is partially offset by its high demand in China, with a rise in Asia-Pacific sales by 14.5%.

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