Mountain Dew has revealed Pitch Black as the permanent member of the MTN DEW retail line-up, with the product debuting in September.

PepsiCo’s recent nationwide election campaign for Mountain Dew has drawn to a close with the votes cast in favour of Pitch Black. Beating out fellow contender, Baja Blast, more than 2.9 million votes for the former edged out the latter by less than a half of a percent of the 5,789,284 million votes in total.

Votes were cast between both variants, two specialty flavours which have developed a cult following over the years. After three months of online challenges, the results have revealed Pitch Black as the permanent member of the MTN DEW retail line-up, and the product is slated to debut on shelves in September.

Fans participated through the website or Twitter by including one of the following hashtags: #VoteBajaBlast or #VotePitchBlack. To take the votes further, super delegates completed additional challenges, building pyramids of Pitch Black or colour-blasting their hair green in the name of Baja Blast.

DEWcision 2016 premiered in April with a national commercial featuring the DEW racing team with Kasey Kahne, Chase Elliott, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. The brand brought the race and element of choice to life via a virtual reality gaming experience leveraging Oculus Rift.

“For DEWcision 2016, we gave our fans the power. No cash prizes or fancy incentives, only the reward of their favourite flavour staying on shelves. They far exceeded our expectations, proving a true example of brand love,” said Ryan Collis, Senior Director of Marketing at Mountain Dew.

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