MISSION Unveils The HydroActive Max Instant Cooling Towel


All-Star Roster Headline the National TV and Media Campaign

MISSION, the brand with a singular focus on temperature control technologies recently launched its latest game changing innovation, the new patent pending HydroActive Max Instant Cooling Towel. Proven to provide up to 30% greater Cooling Power than the original cooling towels, the HydroActive Max Technology sets a new standard for all instant cooling products. Designed by athletes and engineered by industry experts, the HydroActive Max Instant Cooling Towel provides a durable, soft touch fabric that is machine washable and has built in chemical free technology that delivers steeper and longer-lasting cooling benefits for athletes.

Since its first Instant Cooling Towel in 2012, MISSION has expanded its offering to include instant Cooling Hats, Helmet Liners, Headbands, and more. In just under five years MISSION has sold 10 millions of Cooling Towels and Accessories to elite athletes and active individuals at all levels.

“We are maniacal about innovation to enhance athletic performance. When we launched the cooling category in 2012, we set a new standard for on the go and on demand cooling to help athletes everywhere better combat the effects of heat and over heating. While many companies have tried to follow us in the cooling category, we have, and always will, focus our energy on leading it,” said Josh Shaw, founder and CEO . “The launch of our new HydroActive Max Cooling Towels reflects our unwavering commitment to deliver game-changing innovations for athletes. When your co-founders and partners are Serena Williams, Dwyane Wade, Drew Brees, David Villa and Carli Lloyd, you lead by definition.”

MISSION has timed the commence of its new HydroActive Max to coincide with the U.S. National Heat Safety Awareness Day which lands annually on the last Friday of May. In support of the launch, MISSION taps its impressive roster of athlete partners for a multifaceted marketing campaign featuring Serena, Dwyane and Drew. The multi million dollar campaign includes television, digital, and social advertising. In addition, each athlete has planned to engage their fans by increasing awareness of this important initiative. MISSION has also created a #heatsquad where social influencers across sports and lifestyle verticals will come together to raise awareness of heat related issues throughout the summer.

“MISSION is one of the best at listening to what we as athletes need in terms of products that help us compete at the highest level. They understand that in addition to your opponent, sometimes you are actually competing against the heat,” explains Serena Williams. “I’ve used the new Max towel during countless training sessions and intense major tournaments and the MISSION towels cool me down instantly so I can focus on competing. There is no other cooling towel like MISSION. It works.”

“I train hard and to compete at the highest levels I need to be able to get cool fast,” says Dwyane Wade. “The MISSION Max Cooling Towel provides an instant energising and cooling effect so I can finish the game as strong as I started it. It’s a game changer.”

Heat-related illnesses and deaths are on the rise and are largely preventable. In order to raise awareness and combat future deaths, MISSION started the “Heat Safety Week” initiative to help educate and raise awareness for this critically important initiative effecting millions of youth athletes across the U.S. The brand’s long standing partnership with the Korey Stringer Institute and its CEO and Professor of Kinesiology at UCONN, Dr. Douglas Casa, continues to inform scientific developments that lead design innovation at every level.

“MISSION’s commitment to advancing thermoregulation to benefit athletes at all levels is what separates MISSION from everyone else,” says Dr. Casa. “Practising simple and cost-effective heat safety techniques are the best ways to avoid heat illness and maximise performance and through its innovative cooling products and programmes like ‘Heat Safety Week’, MISSION is helping to ensure everyone can safely perform exercise in the heat this summer.”

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