McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London have launched a new spoof-like campaign advertising their new spicy chicken nuggets.

The campaign pokes fun at clothing brand launches, with people queueing outside stores for the latest products. In this new campaign, McDonald’s displays their latest spoof fashion line, with a grime-beat soundtrack and ‘Schnuggs’, the spicy chicken nuggets, with the tag line ‘Get ‘em while they’re hot.’

Liz Whitbread at McDonald’s said “The Spicy Chicken McNuggets campaign is a very exciting product launch for us. An existing innovation to one of our most loved products and with Schnuggs, we’ve got a campaign to match.”

Graham Lakeland, Creative Director at Leo Burnett London, said: “We drew inspiration from these cult-like brands that have this young audience going crazy for their latest product.  Therefore, creating a spoof ‘hype beast’ clothing brand to model our new Spicy McNuggets felt like a great fit. This, coupled with a mixture of food-focused posts helps us create a buzz to become one of the most talked about foods this year.”

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