Manscaped, the below-the-waist men’s grooming company, announces their launch in the UK

Manscaped, the first and #1 selling brand dedicated to men’s below-the-waist grooming, has officially launched in the United Kingdom, equipping Britons with the proper tools for the job at long last. A country that has been well ahead of the groin grooming trend, the UK is a particularly prime and vibrant market for the brand’s superior products and accessories.

“British men believe themselves to be refined, and rightly so. They are highly invested in fashion and grooming – and are certainly not new to manscaping,” claimed Katy Hopwood, Manscaped Chief Financial Officer, who was born and raised in the UK. “The massive volume of blokes who already manscape, coupled with their discerning taste in grooming products, makes this launch extremely exciting for us.”

Manscaped arrival across the pond marks the third international market entrance in less than two weeks for the fastest-growing male hygiene brand. “The UK is a large strategic expansion point for the company,” said Kevin Datoo, Chief Operating Officer of Manscaped. “We experienced an immensely positive reception in Australia and Canada, and we anticipate the same in this populous and equally sophisticated region.”

Manscaped offers a full line of premium products that have become part of a daily ritual of more than 1,000,000 consumers in the US, plus thousands more in the company’s two new key markets. The intelligently designed product range includes precision-engineered tools, unique formulations and accessories that ensure an effective and hygienic manscaping routine.

“85% of women prefer men who manscape, and British women have a big voice,” added Katy. “They feel that if they are taking care of themselves down there, the men should, too,” Needless to say, all genders and walks of life across the UK will resonate with Manscaped notion of refining the gentleman and the brand’s commitment to providing the best products available on the market.

“At Manscaped, we aim to not only provide the right tools for the job but to empower men and open the dialogue on below-the-waist grooming, hygiene and testicular health,” said Paul Tran, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Manscaped. “The truth is, the UK has not only been manscaping for years, but British men and women have not been afraid to talk about it either. We are fortunate to capitalise on how powerful word-of-mouth is in the UK, and that Britons have no filter when it comes to pub talk.”

Dedicated to cultivating relationships directly with their customers, Manscaped offers a one-stop-shop online. This platform allows consumers to purchase a range of packages and hygiene plans, get limited time offers, and even learn tips on how to trim and tricks on the brand’s highly educational and entertaining blog. In addition, Britons can find Manscaped products on Amazon with Prime and pickup options available. In-store retail updates are to come, following a successful national rollout in Target US last year.

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