Lenovo has expanded with the debut its Yoga 910 convertible laptop and Tab 3 Plus Android tablet to meet evolving consumer lifestyles.

Lenovo has moved to expand its technology portfolio with the Yoga 910 convertible laptop and Tab 3 Plus Android tablet. Led to meet the demands of ever-evolving consumer lifestyles, said product was built and launched into the market based on extensive user research and feedback.

The brand has embedded a fingerprint reader into the laptop—a feature designed around mobile convenience and improved security for the personal computer so long passwords are no longer required. Also, the Lenovo App Explorer lets one personalise with Skype, Facebook or Netflix.

Meanwhile, the new tablet series offers users a complete cinematic entertainment experience. For the many that catch marathons of their favourite shows on the go, the device provides high audio and visual quality, flexibility for different environments, and a long-lasting battery charge.

“We’re moving from a one-size-fits-all PC market to multiple sizes and fits. Consumers want to be able to choose the form factor that best meets their lifestyle needs, not adapt their lifestyle to new technology,” said Johnson Jia, SVP, PC & Smart Device Business Group at Lenovo.

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