Lagavulin has teamed up with Nick Offerman for a New Year’s special, inviting revellers to party at home with its My Tales of Whisky series.

Diageo brand, Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and Nick Offerman have partnered once again to deliver a fireplace-viewing experience with a New Year’s video to inspire holiday home parties. The alliance takes place on the back of last year’s Yule Log digital installation.

Fans will have the chance to follow Offerman’s lead and bid farewell to year as it draws to a close. To join the brand’s celebration with loved ones, viewers can enjoy said festivities from the comfort of their homes, amidst their own intimate gatherings with family and friends.

The marque ushered in its 200th anniversary in 2016. Paying homage to said milestone, two new additions have been introduced to the My Tales of Whisky series to include Nick the Bagpiper and Treasure of Lagavulin. The spots capture the aim to reflect on big moments just past.

The videos delve into the history and tradition of the iconic brand; one tells the thrilling tale of how Lagavulin came to be, while the other has bagpipes. Available via a designated YouTube channel, the full My Tales of Whisky series is accessible to followers interested in the movement.

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