Kids Foot Locker has debuted a series focused on sneaker culture and six families. The first video stars Reebok spokesperson, Teyana Taylor.

Kids Foot Locker has created a new promotional series featuring six families and their passion for sneaker culture. Titled Generations, the project follows the relationships between adults and children in New York and Los Angeles. The first video stars Reebok ambassador, Teyana Taylor.

In the film, she instructs a group of young girls during a dance lesson. Leveraging the opportunity to inspire the next generation, she passes down her love of dance, reveals the secrets to her success as a performing artiste, and shares personal stories about her daughter, a toddler named Junie.

Created by MOFILM, the series will debut one spot per week for the next six. The digital videos capture such bonds as those between parent and child, coach and player, and a full family—with each chronicling the lives of the talent presented and their shared fascination with sneaker culture.

“We know that the back-to-school period is one of the most critical times of the year for parents and kids to share in that bond. For this reason, we make sure our brand offers the hottest sneakers, apparel, and accessories to support that,” said Chris Santaella, VP and GM at Kids Foot Locker.

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