Jaguar launches a series of 15-second films that ‘bookend’ Sky Documentaries programmes

Jaguar UK has partnered with Sky Media for the launch of Sky Documentaries, a new home for feature-length and series documentaries which aired for the first time on 27 May.

Sharing Jaguar’s passion for creativity and storytelling, Sky Documentaries seeks to challenge, provoke and entertain viewers across a broad range of topics from sport and real-world controversies through to biographies of some of the world’s most famous and infamous people.

In keeping with the documentary genre, the iconic British marque is offering viewers a glimpse of its unseen world through a series of 15-second films that ‘bookend’ Sky Documentaries programmes. Each film reveals unseen elements of Jaguar’s cutting-edge design and development process including the art of clay modelling, innovative machine modelling, aerodynamics development, sound engineering and vehicle testing in some of the world’s most hostile of environments.

Julian Thomson, Design Director for Jaguar commented, “We are delighted to celebrate extraordinary stories with Sky Documentaries and share part of our usually secret world. Stories are at the heart of Jaguar – our racing history, our passionate people and our progressive design philosophy are all reflected in the design of our cars.”

“Partnering with Sky Documentaries is a perfect opportunity for us to connect with a new audience in an exciting way. Jaguar’s mission is to take ordinary and make it extraordinary. Even the most frequent commutes become a rewarding experience in a Jaguar – whether that be the thrill of the drive, the passion for technology or admiration for craftsmanship. By showcasing our extraordinary stories and our remarkable people we hope to engage like-minds across the UK,” said, Anthony Bradbury, Marketing Director of Jaguar Land Rover UK.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Jaguar as we add this new and exciting brand to the strong family of Sky channels. By partnering with Sky Documentaries, Jaguar will be able to connect with an upmarket audience that is keen to learn and engage with compelling and premium content,” added, Duncan Wynn, Director of Sales, Sky Media.


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