The new IGG game mixes simulation and RPG elements including hero development, strategy, and campaigns to attract every kind of player.

IGG, the brand behind Lords Mobile, has announced a new release for the mobile market: Mobile Royale. The user-friendly game of strategy is set in Vollandia, a fantastical war-torn world where players will have to fight to restore peace and become rulers of the kingdom.

Available for download via the App Store and Google Play, said entry is a third-generation offering is accessible to subscribers worldwide. The game featuring premium 3D graphics allows users to take part in a particular campaign and get acquainted with the Clan Wars.

IGG introduces fans to battles in ancient lands; clans and forts; and creatures like humans, elves, dwarves, beastkin, and specters. From heroes and monsters to Stone Age structures and contemporary cities, Mobile Royale blends an active backstory with special animations.

“We are so excited about the launch of Mobile Royale. If you are hungry for a challenge and would like to test yourself in a battlefield, this is your game. We want all players to move to Vollandia and enjoy this fantastic mobile gaming experience,” said Enric Cabestany, General Manager Europe at IGG.

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