Lowe Lintas’ latest campaign for ICICI Prudential depicts how people have become more cautious since the pandemic and promotes the brand’s latest offering

ICICI Prudential, the life insurance company, has launched a new campaign to promote its new offering – the All-in-one Term Plan. People have become more cautious and are now more mindful of our health and the well-being of the family than ever before.

This transformation has manifested itself in our lives in the form of compulsorily wearing a mask, repeatedly sanitising our hands, adopting new ways of greeting people and adhering to social distancing norms.

The campaign film by Lowe Lintas is rooted in this quest for going that extra mile to choose the best, safest things for the family with the new world reality setting in. It shows a family man dealing with several situations where he prioritises the safety of his family over everything else.

When he contemplates the best insurance plan to ensure the safety and wellbeing of his family, the wife – an equal partner sharing equal responsibilities – with a reflective tone suggests an all-in-one plan to protect her husband’s future along with that of the family’s.

The campaign, which comprises a TV commercial as well as digital, outdoor media, and others, showcases how iProtect Smart, an all-in-one term plan, offers various benefits for the policyholder.

“With ICICI Pru Life’s campaigns, we’ve always been inspired by everyday real-life observations. This campaign is no different. It resonates with the current sentiment of the country where every single person is paying extra ‘attention’ to all aspects to do with the safety of his/her family,” said Shantanu Sapre, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas.

“Conceptualised and scripted by Navin Chawla and Abhishek Dey, the touch of using a kids’ voice in a sing-song manner of storytelling will not only break the clutter, but also contextualise the word ‘attention’ with the right sentiment, emotion, and action towards choosing iProtect Smart – the all-in-one term plan.”

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