The Hyatt Regency location in Wangjing is offering travellers a nature-inspired experience with the debut of Shunpachi and The Music Bar.

Having recently celebrated its Wangjing grand opening, the new Hyatt Regency located in Beijing is adding to its bespoke Oriental theme with the upcoming debut of Shunpachi and The Music Bar. With a nature-inspired setting, the venue sports a bamboo forest aesthetic.

Meant to serve as tranquil escape from the hustle of the city, the restaurant exemplifies the characteristics of an izakaya—a traditional tavern deeply rooted in Japanese culture—whose origins go as far back as the Edo period and popularity is widespread across the country.

More than a fancy eatery or watering hole, Hyatt Regency will provide a full-on gastronomic experience with authentic cuisine and quality beverage for the discerning palate. Designed around the matsuri concept, Shunpachi houses a sushi bar with a Guibourtia wood counter.

Also, a Robata grill with stainless Sudare places the chefs of the restaurant at the forefront, whose craftsmanship elevate the culinary journey for guests. The place also affords private dining rooms for social and formal gatherings, catering to both leisure and business guests.

Dishes such as Temari Sushi, Kombujime, Tempura, and Rabata specialties will be prepared using time-honoured traditions to keep with the Hyatt Regency signature. A mix of freshly made sashimi and other delicacies will present as concoctions to satisfy customer cravings.

Drawing influences from a night carnival, The Music Bar serves as a hideout for hobbyists. An opulent space, its decorative elements and artful interiors as well as choice lighting blend with good beats to deliver a therapeutic dalliance starring music, food, and drink.

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