H&M has announced a new US employee ambassador programme called H&M Insiders.

The brand continues to build on its success with the H&M League, a partnership of external influencers turned brand ambassadors, by now launching a new venture called H&M Insiders.

True to the company value ‘we believe in people’, the brand has created an internal ambassador programme centred on its most valued advocates and style advisors; its own employees.

The programme will be the first Employee Ambassador programme by the brand in the United States with 15 employees from stores and offices across the country chosen based on their content, personality, location, brand values, and style.

The employees taking part in the yearlong partnership represent a diverse mix of the nearly 16,000 brand employees across the country, showing that H&M is a workplace where you are encouraged to be yourself and dress your personality, no matter what that is.

The brand shows excitement to share the 15 employees who have their own unique take on the brand, see how they incorporate the brand into their everyday lives, from edgy outfit styling to chic home decorating, and learn more about each one of them and follow along on their journeys.

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