Hidden Treasures Collection Unveils Bianco in Furr Piece

Flesh Blood Furr

The last piece from the artist’s Men and Women series, ‘Flesh and Blood’ features Game of Thrones star, Esmé Bianco as main muse

Currently on display at Campbell’s Master Framers and Art Gallery in London, the Hidden Treasures collection by Christian Furr (pictured right) especially celebrates ‘Flesh and Blood’. The final piece from his Men and Women series, it features Game of Thrones star, Esmé Bianco.

The said muse was first spotted by the painter a decade prior at Terry de Havilland’s London Fashion Week 2005 show where she was modelling. According to him, her red hair awarded her a twenty-first century edgy look which combined the future and the past.

Belonging to the contemporary figurative art variety and created between 2007 and 2011, the aforementioned assortment will be exhibited until mid-February. Meanwhile, the collection’s creator is the youngest artist to have been commissioned to paint an official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Esme’s look is reminiscent of 1940’s screen icons such as Deborah Kerr who featured as the muse in the film The Life and Times of Colonel Blimp. The model on the right is a friend of hers who has a different type of look that contrasts well,” said Furr, suggesting the lion on the wall image offers an added layer of vulnerability.

The trio supposedly embodies a pyramid-like composition. He explains how the two women in assuming different poses and attitudes reflect how most relationships are not static. Bianco gazes from a window at life outside, unconcerned and intrepid, whereas the female on the right looks more introspective and protective.

The settings for the pieces from the series largely entail swanky hotels and include various themes about life and the relationships between men, women, and love. Paintings within paintings or mirrors and windows that appear in Furr’s artwork are designed to represent alternate realities. Flesh and Blood is priced at £8,400.