Glen Moray has rolled out the Elgin Heritage range of whiskies, which features three single malt varieties created at its Speyside distillery.

Glen Moray has unveiled its Elgin Heritage collection, which features three new releases comprised of the 12-, 15-, and 18-year-old single malt varieties. Carefully matured in American oak casks, the 12- and 18-year-old offerings marry rich summer fruits with mellow vanilla sweetness.

Adding diversity to the collection, the 15-year-old combines two distinct cask styles; sherry and American oak. The result is a complex whisky with a hint of spice steeped in dried fruits and dark chocolate. The luxury line offers new insight to the evolution of the brand’s luxury single malts.

“With the Elgin Heritage Collection, we aim to offer a slice of luxury. Our whisky encompasses nearly 120 years of expertise honed at our distillery in the heart of Speyside, where there’s an immense pride in the integrity of the brand,” said Raphaele Delerue, Brand Manager at Glen Moray.

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