Gillette Venus is collaborating with beauty and lifestyle YouTube star, Remi Cruz, to release the brand’s first ever limited-edition razor.

Gillette Venus, in partnership with beauty and lifestyle YouTube personality, Remi Cruz, has rolled out its first ever limited-edition Remi razor in time for the holiday season. As an entrepreneur, the online star inspires millions of fans with her positive outlook, fun side of life, and effervescent personal style.

Dubbed Venus x Remi, the variant features a vibrant tropical print and sleek handle design, a quirky first for the brand. The Remi razor will be sold exclusively via the new Venus Direct subscription service and is available for pre-order. The platform offers a range of more than 10 different blades and handles.

Said advantage allows Gillette Venus users to opt for the shaving solution which best suits their skin type and regimen. The new entry makes it possible for consumers to personalise their experience with the right tools. For added value, an easy three-step process aids with uniting handle, blade, and extras.

“We want to help women feel confident about self-expression. For many, this includes how their skin looks and feels. Venus Direct has a complete range of products to meet those unique needs. With our Venus x Remi designed Remi razor, one can add fun to her beauty routine,” said Falguni Desai, Venus Direct Leader.

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