Estée Lauder has launched a push around its Modern Muse portfolio, for which Misty Copeland has been named global spokesmodel.

Estée Lauder has named principal ballerina at American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland, the new global spokesmodel for Modern Muse. She will front the fragrance’s campaign across various channels to include digital, television, retail, and print.

The multi-faceted exercise debuts in August 2017. The effort, What Inspires You, includes storytelling that will personalise the product’s concept and engage women in conversation across the digital sphere as well as social media.

The push was produced in-house via an alliance with Spring Studios and director and photographer, Pamela Hanson. Through the hashtag #BeAnInspiration, Copeland will inspire young ballerinas and drive the importance of connecting with the next generation.

“Misty is the perfect representation of today’s modern muse and a wonderful role model,” said Aerin Lauder, Style and Image Director at Estée Lauder.

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