Energizer mascot rebranded


Energizer and the pink rabbit mascot have been synonymous with batteries for a number of years. The mascot is now getting a makeover, to ensure that it is still a relevant character in today’s market.

The Energizer Bunny first came to screens in 1988, as a take on Duracell’s Bunny, though due to Duracell’s trademark lapsing, Energizer were able to jump in with their own version.

The mechanical furry mascot who wears shades and flip flops also walks along beating a drum. The famous tag line will also be updated to the short form version, “Still going!”

This rebrand is the first since 2008. Following research conducted by the company, it was found that millennials are still into the mascot. Chief Consumer Officer Michelle Atkinson said, “But they want to see him in a new way, so we transformed him.”

The makeover is subtle: the bunny is slightly slimmer with more facial expressions. “He’ll be more realistic and able to move,” Atkinson says. “And he has a new hop—a new walk. He’s still a toy, but he’s taking on more of a human expression.”