According to Gamezbo, Shady Wars by Shady Records unites music, image, and character in a manner that fits the rapper’s brand

Eminem and Shady Records have partnered with Music Powered Games to release the new mobile game, Shady Wars, which is available now for iOS and Android platforms. The series delivers a combination of rhythm and arcade gameplay powered by Shady Records’ music.

It includes Eminem’s Phenomenal and Kings Never Die from the soundtrack to the film Southpaw, which was executive produced by the recording artiste himself. Meanwhile his fans are already playing the game and sharing their reward stats on Twitter, which is driving downloads of Shady Wars and introducing Shady music to more.

“This is a new, fun, and potentially addictive way for fans to interact with and experience music from our label,” said Paul Rosenberg, CEO of Shady Records and Co-founder of Shady Wars. Releasing a freemium game offers enthusiasts a fresh encounter. The game also hosts a combination of in-game ads and in-app purchases.

MTV News has called it frustratingly addicting and fun to play, which was precisely Shady Records and Music Powered Games’ intention. As demonstrated by the craze over games like Flappy Bird, challenging games become very addictive when they employ simple gameplay that also produces a flow of frustration and exhilaration.

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