The EcoFlow Glacier emerges as a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. Mainly, it targets RV and boat owners or anyone seeking modern comforts amidst nature’s vastness. 

Priced at $1,099 / €1,199, this 38-liter (40-quart) portable freezer offers optional enhancements like a 297Wh battery, telescoping handle, wheels, and up to 240W solar panels. Hence, it serves to extend off-grid adventures.

Let’s delve into the exceptional features of the EcoFlow glacier.

Which Unique Features Make EcoFlow Glacier a Robust Ice-Making Machine?

The EcoFlow Glacier distinguishes itself as a robust ice-making machine through its innovative functionalities. It includes rapid cooling, efficient ice production, and versatile cooling options. 

Its unique features set it apart by delivering a seamless and reliable experience for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers alike.

EcoFlow Glacier
Image Source EcoFlow

Efficient cooling and versatility:

One of the glacier’s standout features is its efficiency, capable of lasting a day under heavy usage. Moreover, it offers various charging options, including 240W of solar power. With the ability to produce 18 ice cubes in just about 18 minutes, it adapts perfectly as a fridge, freezer, or dual-zone cooling unit.

Impressive Performance Metrics:

EcoFlow touts the glacier’s rapid temperature drop from 86°F to 32°F in a mere 15 minutes. Real-world testing corroborates this claim, with the unit taking 17 minutes to achieve specific dual-zone temperatures. 

EcoFlow  Glacier
Image Source EcoFlow

While the compressor initially generates noise at around 41 dB during the cooling phase, it noticeably diminishes afterward, except for sporadic sounds caused by gas movement within the fridge.

The ice-making process, though slightly loud at approximately 51 dB, yields sturdy ice cubes. The unit alerts users upon ice formation, but the subsequent detachment takes 30 seconds to three minutes. Consequently, it may cause water spillage if not managed carefully.

Battery Life and Consumption Analysis:

Despite EcoFlow’s assertion of a 40-hour runtime on its 297Wh battery, real-world testing clocked it at 22 hours, particularly in regular power mode. 

Notably, ice-making sessions consumed an efficient 12-15Wh each, compared to the usual power consumption of typical AC compressors. When connected to an AC outlet, the Glacier consumed 394 W in 24 hours, reduced to 354 W in Eco mode.

Portability and Supplementary Features:

The glacier’s dimensions demand a telescoping handle and wheels for mobility, although the rigidity of the wheels causes noticeable vibrations on uneven surfaces. Notably, the Glacier cannot operate on solar power, necessitating a separate battery for sustained functionality.

Additional Insights:

The Glacier’s single XT60 input port for power/charging (provided with car and wall adapters) might limit simultaneous operations if multiple power sources are required. Its Li-NMC battery chemistry enables higher capacity in a compact space. However, it limits integration with EcoFlow’s lineup of giant batteries, potentially limiting its versatility.

EcoFlow Glacier
Image Source EcoFlow

Moreover, the Glacier’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities allow remote monitoring and control through the EcoFlow app. Also, it adds a layer of convenience for users on the go. However, the unit’s lack of a direct DC battery port for efficient power transfer from EcoFlow’s batteries might have enhanced its functionality.

Pros and Cons:


  • Efficient cooling 
  • Versatile functionalities 
  • Rapid ice-making capabilities


  • Higher price point 
  • Necessary optional add-ons
  • Occasional noise

Considerations and Conclusion:

While the Glacier performs admirably in its specified roles, the costs associated with optional add-ons significantly increase the overall investment. Furthermore, it requires potential buyers to assess user needs against the price tag. 

Despite its efficiency and multi-functional capabilities, Glacier’s pricing might deter those seeking a more budget-friendly option for their outdoor ventures.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the EcoFlow Glacier is an admirable three-in-one appliance. In addition, it is ideal for gadget enthusiasts and outdoor lovers seeking modern comforts in remote settings. The decision to invest in this portable powerhouse ultimately rests on individual priorities. 

Regular sales, especially during year-end holidays, offer potential buyers an opportunity to acquire this product at a discounted rate. This way, it alleviates concerns about its pricing.

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