The language learning app Duolingo has launched its first-ever marketing campaign.

The launch comes following the appointment of the first and only UK employee Colin Watkins as the director of marketing and communications for EMEA and the UK. The campaign will be running across London, encouraging people to consider the time they spend travelling as an opportunity to learn a language. 

The campaign comes with a rebrand, where the company is using the original owl mascot, but pushing the icon further to include a new typeface named ‘Feather Bold’. 

Michael Johnson, Johnson Banks founder and Creative Director said, “This has been a unique opportunity to develop what is already a much-loved product into a world-beating brand. Working hand-in-hand with the Duolingo team in Pittsburgh, through sprints and workshops, we started with a left-field idea – to draw their logo based on the shapes in their mascot – and an entire design scheme led from there.”

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