ChatGPT is again in the spotlight as its 4.0 version is coming to landscape soon. However, GPT-4 launch date is not confirmed yet. Most probably, it’s coming early next week. This AI tool with conversational abilities will now let you convert text into AI-generated videos.

Speculations are rising, as gpt 4 will most likely step out of OpenAI’s research laboratories next week. Besides, many rumors are roaming around – claiming its powerful parameter counts. Even one source claims that its database has upped to a region of 100 trillion.

Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Germany revealed this news and said, “We will introduce GPT-4 next week … we will have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities — for example, videos.”

AI tool
Powerful AI tool

Microsoft, while illustrating its power, said that it would be multimodel – translating the text into images, music, and videos.

With this, Microsoft has become a prominent investor in OpenAI. Ultimately making this Seattle tech giant the biggest shareholder with a $10 billion investment in OpenAI. This innovative gpt has taken over the tech horizon three months back. However, its users have surpassed 100 million – beating the TikTok record.

Now, everyone’s arguments on ChatGPT .3 vs. 4. However, this question is beyond comparison. Microsoft teams explain that now users from any field can seek its advantage.

Although Meta and Google have already introduced text-to-video features, with gpt, this verbal output will go to the next level.

Exclusive Features of ChatGPT 4 AI Tool

Microsoft USA has not revealed anything yet. However, we’re beading information in a row received from Microsoft Germany. Undoubtedly, it’s confirmed news that this new gpt is coming next week. However, it is still unclear whether it will be exclusive to the Microsoft Bing search engine or available for ChatGPT 3 users.

While a lot of information is unclear about ChatGPT 4. Anyhow, we have strived to bring you the most accurate and well-researched facts about this new version of 4.0.

Fortunately, this is good news for companies with a large setup. They can collect the data in a couple of hours, taking 500 work hours daily.

While explaining this new technology, Microsoft said that this multimodel AI tool would convert phone calls into text. So, if a person runs a call center, he can track the conversation between employees and customers.

Further, it will also deliver a multi-linguistic option – answering your queries in any language.

AI tool
Multi linguistic feature

Going beyond the text is its most prominent feature. It means that it will provide reliable information by searching video content, such as Youtube. Next, you can transcribe the audio data into text without wasting hundreds of hours collecting data.

Moreover, this upgradation has improved this AI tool’s credibility.

Let’s hope this giant gpt is soon available for the masses to get human-like responses to our queries.

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