Cadbury have removed words from packaging in partnership with Age UK to highlight loneliness amongst the older generation.

Alongside the move comes a campaign featuring an advert telling the story of a lonely older man who receives a bar of Dairy Milk from his neighbour’s children who kept losing their toys over the fence.

The partnership comes following a recent poll showing that 1.4 million older people struggle with loneliness and each week 225,000 people don’t speak to anyone at all. 

The charity director for Age UK, Caroline Abrahams, commented: “Working with Cadbury Dairy Milk on this campaign could really help to raise even more awareness of the issue and encourage everybody to do their bit to help tackle it.

“Loneliness can affect your health, your well being and the way you see yourself – it can make you feel invisible and forgotten.

“Loneliness is a huge problem because retirement, bereavement and ill health mean many older people find they are spending a lot less time enjoying the company of others than they’d like.”

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