Do you know what is deeply woven into British life more than anything else? Astonishingly, it’s love for Cadbury, the iconic chocolate maker.

This year, it’s marking its 200th anniversary with a nostalgic campaign titled ‘Yours for 200 Years,’. VCCP, its agency of record, created this campaign. The celebration praises this British multinational confectionary’s enduring presence in the lives of generations of Britons.

The campaign revolves around the recreation of the beloved ‘Mum’s Birthday’ advertisement from 2018. It is aptly named ‘Birthday,’ taking viewers on a 200-year journey through British history. 

The 60-second ad revisits the storyline of a young girl purchasing a chocolate bar for her mother. Further, it subtly portrays evolving surroundings while retaining the essence of the original narrative.

Featuring much of the original cast, Cadbury ensured continuity by employing body doubles and post-production techniques. Primarily, it’s due to the five-year gap since the initial ad aired. 

Why 200th Anniversary of Cadbury a Significant Event

Elise Burditt, Cadbury’s senior marketing director, expressed the significance of this milestone. In addition, Burditt emphasizes the 200-year celebration embedded in British lives and acknowledges the pivotal role of the public in the brand’s journey.

Amazingly, this chocolate brand invited people to submit family photos enjoying Cadbury treats to evoke nostalgia, adorning various out-of-home (OOH) locations nationwide. The company will release a limited-edition series of seven Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, showcasing classic designs.

Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, executive creative directors at VCCP London, emphasized its profound connection with the British public. Additionally, they noted that the campaign honors every shared moment of delight associated with Cadbury chocolates. Thus, it enlightens your lives, from Christmas selection boxes to enjoying dairy milk bars on the sofa.

In terms of advertisement, the multi-channel campaign will span the UK. Moreover, it will encompass audio, social, print, digital, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Mainly, it aims to resonate with the public by highlighting the enduring values that Cadbury, founded in Birmingham 200 years ago, continues to embody. 

Hence, this memorial initiative not only celebrates a milestone anniversary but also underlines the brand’s enduring legacy and its integral place in British culture.

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