Bud Light has chosen William Chan as its brand’s spokesperson

The unlimited heat of summer has given an infinite inspiration, especially for the launch ceremony of Budweiser Bud Light, which was held in Shenzhen, China and broadcasted through Tencent and other live streaming platforms this July.

During this energetic and creative event, Chen Ming, the host and debater from “I can I BB” opened a debate against a group of innovative young people played by the stars from the talk show “Something about Cantonese.”

Then, the brand’s spokesperson William Chan appeared and shared his secret of how he maintains his own incomparable “Bud Light” style. More than 6 million online and offline viewers witnessed the official launch of Bud Light in China.

Established in 1982, Bud Light is an internationally acclaimed beer, well-loved by people all over the world.

The brand has brought young consumers disruptive experiences and created more relaxing drinking occasions through superb commercials in the Super Bowl and 20,000 different beer cans. Its reputation comes from its premium quality. Bud Light uses the advanced cold filtration dual technology in its brewing process.

This technology uses cool temperatures to preserve the beer’s natural taste and applies a double membrane filtration method to sieve out any impurities. With unprecedented freshness and vitality, Bud Light uplifts every moment.

Now, the brand has entered the Chinese market, starting in the Guangdong Province. Its iconic blue will make even ordinary, every day moments colourful and refreshing.

Handsome, stylish and talented, William Chan is acclaimed not only an idol but also a star singer. His talent and vitality fully complement the confident, fun-filled and creative image of Bud Light. Since his debut, William has maintained his unique and evolving style. He is also very creative and dares to try new things.

For example, his popular “Wolf disco”, which mixes Cantonese music with Northeast dialect, is more experimental. Just like Bud Light, a brand with creativity in its DNA, William is always ready to test the limits and activate more of his unlimited potential, whilst at the same time remaining confident and easy-going. The partnership between the two parties will create even more innovative and enjoyable experiences.

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