The First Wing by British Airways has increased convenience and luxury for its First, Gold Executive, and oneworld Emerald passengers.

British Airways recently launched The First Wing, an exclusive check-in area for the brand’s First, Gold Executive, and oneworld Emerald customers at Heathrow Terminal 5. Since the debut, the venue has welcomed nearly 200,000 travellers through the dedicated security channel leading directly into the Galleries First lounge and Concorde Room.

The innovation has reduced the number of passengers travelling through the normal security search areas, delivering a benefit for all fliers. The airline is continuing to invest in other improvements to include a refresh of its flagship Concorde Room, which will be unveiled in October.

The lounge, which is exclusively for First customers, will receive an updated look and feel as well as see enhancements to the terrace area. Also, new Liberty London washbags have been introduced. The kits boast prints from the vintage textile archive. The ladies’ version features the ‘Indiana’ flower pattern in a range of blues, while the male version showcases a more understated black and grey paisley design called ‘Arundel.’

The former provides Aromatherapy Associates’ triple rose renewing moisturiser, hydrating hand lotion, renewing cleanser, a deodorant stick, lip balm, cotton wool pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and a pen. The latter offers Refinery’s revitalising moisturiser, lip balm, shave gel, a deodorant stick, razor, brush, comb, toothbrush as well as toothpaste, eye mask, socks, ear plugs, and a pen.

“First Wing enables customers to maximise their time, whisking from kerb to lounge through the fast track security channel. We’ve paid attention to the details that make a difference on board too, through elements such as the updated washbags and the ability to pre-order a preferred meal,” said Alex Cruz, Chairman and CEO of British Airways.

British Airways is a three-time winner of the World Branding Awards in the Airline category.

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