With solid craftsmanship and nods to old-world traditions, Sadelle’s at the Bellagio gives a new identity to three-meal restaurants in Vegas.

Adding to its portfolio, the Bellagio has welcomed Sadelle’s. A luxury-themed restaurant from Major Food Group with its roots in New York City, the brand opens its second location in Las Vegas and promises an elevated perspective to all-day dining with a generous menu.

The vintage-style venue introduces a new identity to approachable cuisine usually offered at cafés and bakeries. The 10,000 square foot Bellagio space delivers bespoke pastels and touches to transport diners back in time to a grand café along an old European boulevard.

Alongside its premium Ken Fulk layout, Sadelle’s affords patrons a pleasurable gastronomic experience with a view of the Bellagio Conservatory. Also key is a menu with quintessential classics such as bagels, smoked-fish platters, triple-decker sandwiches, caviar, and more.

From breakfast delights to roaming carts to table-side service to plush dinners, guests can satisfy their discerning palates with flavours and textures designed to stimulate. Blueberry Pancakes, Grilled Branzino, Whole Farm Lobster, or Bloody Mary, a fancy food affair awaits.

“We are taking everything great about Sadelle’s in New York to the next level in Vegas. This Bellagio space and an elevated menu with quintessential classics create unique experiences from early morning to late night,” said Jeff Zalaznick, Managing Partner, Major Food Group.

Video credit: MultiVu

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