The strategy by bebe includes print, PR, digital, social media, and point-of-sale marketing components across 150 stores worldwide.

Bebe recently formed a partnership with Bluestar Alliance. The efforts launched over the past few weeks by the brand management company have yielded important extensions for the retailer on both a domestic and global scale, in relation to its stores. The move expects to increase the brand’s footprint.

A substantial amount of interest has resulted since the formation of said joint venture by prospective licensees, capitalising on a strong market presence. Categories such as dresses, active-wear, outerwear, handbags, and cold weather accessories are all under negotiation.

Licensees newly committed include Gbg USA for sportswear and denim, Mamiye Brothers for children’s apparel, PPI Apparel Group for intimates, Accutime Watch Corp for watches, Gbg Sock for socks, American Traveller for luggage, Haskel Jewels for jewellery, and Miworld Accessories for travel accessories.

Said product classifications will be available from 2017. Leveraging its Middle Eastern presence in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, the alliance seeks to expand the brand’s retail presence in Central and South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

The venture also aims to widen bebe’s presence internationally. With 150 points of sale, the intent is to double that number within two years, through strategic retail licensing agreements. The strategy puts in place deals for new product categories as a catalyst for international growth and additional wholesale business.

The strategy is slated to encompass print advertisements with spreads in publications such as Elle and InStyle, point-of-sale measures in more than four continents across 150 stores, public relations, digital, and social media marketing to reach a broad-based audience.

“The partnership confirms our decision to aggressively pursue a strategy to capitalise on the value of our brand in all categories and channels. Bluestar has seen significant demand from prospective licensees and expects to generate long-term, committed royalties,” said Manny Mashouf, Founder and CEO of bebe.

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