The Bacardí campaign is led by a television spot featuring a cast of carpe noctem archetypes ranging from last train sprinters to glow gals.

Bacardí has launched a global advertising campaign titled We Are the Night. Capturing the distinctive personas that come to life at night to shed daytime conventions, it is led by a television commercial featuring a cast of carpe noctem archetypes ranging from brave shirts to last train sprinters.

The creative also celebrates the ‘glow gal’ sort, known as ‘screen queens’ outside the United States, whose faces are illuminated by the glow of the mobile screens when posting all night long. Directed by acclaimed producer, Michel Gondry, the spot is shot from the point-of-view of a taxi passenger.

The short expects to take viewers on an immersive journey as they encounter the stand-out characters from the video along the way. The ad is delivered in the inventive visual style and whimsy for which the director and screen writer is best known, to revel in the liberation which night time brings.

The campaign rides on the concept that, like the bat, people step out of their shells when darkness descends to tap into their ‘untameable’ selves.  The film focuses on the big night out, with Bacardí & Cola leading the drink strategy in the United States and Bacardí Mojito doing the same in Europe.

From the small screen to reality, the marketing initiative engages with consumers through a variety of channels. Executions include television, online video, digital video as well as mass and targeted social media components such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, among others.

Outdoor advertising will run in Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, and concentrate on heavily trafficked areas. Mobile buys will target people when they approach their entertainment destinations in real-time, while social vignettes go live on the rum brand’s various channels.

“We’re on a mission to reclaim the iconic status of our brand. A globally consistent strategy combined with strong investment in our core range and dynamic artist are engaging people with the brand again,” said Mauricio Vergara, North America CMO and Global Lead for Bacardí.

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