Like the Apple Watch, the survey determined that four percent own another type of smartwatch. The remaining 92% don’t own any.

Four percent of users own an Apple Watch, according to a survey by mobile shopping and app provider, Branding Brand, which targeted 1,000 consumers to see how the wearable is performing. The study also determined that four percent own another type of smartwatch, while the remaining 92% don’t own any.

Of the group that doesn’t own a smartwatch, 53 percent said nothing would convince them to buy one. Among the remaining 47 percent interested in purchasing one, the top concern was cost, followed by features, variety of styles, battery life, and better apps.

Cost was the main concern among the 39 percent interested. Apple announced in March that its Sport watch now costs $100 less, starting at $299. With a lower entry-level cost, the Apple Watch is still more of an investment than its fitness-focused competitors like Fitbit and Samsung.

The research also found that 16 percent of the same want improved features and functionality. “Apple Watch adoption across Apple’s consumer base appears to be lacking. Consumers don’t understand why they need it, even if it’s just to complement their iPhone,” said Chris Mason, CEO of Branding Brand.

Style variety matters to 15 percent of consumers. Tim Cook noted that people love changing bands and about a third of wearers regularly change bands. Meanwhile, 14% care about battery life. However, rumours of elevated wireless power and FaceTime in the next Apple Watch might negate any upcoming battery improvements.

Of those interested, 12 percent want better apps. Current owners listed the following as their favourite smartwatch features: fitness (14%), email and messaging (35%), calls (19%), calendar (seven percent), and music (six percent). The firm found a correlation between people who own an Apple Watch and also shop online.

Those who shop online weekly are two times more likely to own one than those who shop online less often.IPhone adoption didn’t happen overnight. The best Apple can do is innovate in these areas to entice buyers. I see them making great strides this year in maturing the marketplace for smartwatches,” said Mason.

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