American Eagle has debuted its #AExME spring push which features a lineup of ten Gen-Z cast members who led creative direction and more.

American Eagle Outfitters has unveiled a new marketing concept that places its creative direction in the hands of the consumer. Affording its community of followers a platform for self-expression, the brand’s spring #AExME push was led and styled by full-on Gen-Z cast.

Discovered via social media, the talent lineup is captured in their personal environment to showcase fluidity and freedom. Instead of enlisting professionals, the ten photographed themselves in a series of self-portrait images iPhones and disposable format film cameras.

American Eagle is leveraging said effort to deliver difference with unique stories, diverse interests, and captivating passions. The main objective is to engage with fans through a varied combination of digital and social media channels so as to amplify their voices.

In addition to the above, Google Preferred videos and in-store imagery will play an equally prominent role in the execution of the overall exercise. Meanwhile, customers can also shop from the latest collection online via the marque’s retail website. The line reflects evolution.

“We have been a pioneer in collaborating with today’s youth to support self-expression and prioritise individuality. This spring, we are joining forces with inspiring Gen-Zers to highlight their unique styles,” said Chad Kessler, Global Brand President of American Eagle.

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