Drawing attention to climate change and the impact of poor air quality, Airinum and Alan Walker have partnered to create the Urban Air Mask.

Swedish tech company, Airinum, and Norwegian music producer, Alan Walker, have introduced a co-branded offering. Called the Urban Air Mask, it features the business’s second-generation anti-pollution capabilities. Its innovation is backed by rapid adoption.

According to the group, air masks are becoming the new black. Hitting catwalks from Paris to Shanghai, the design complements functionality. Industry-recognised, the brand has established itself as a globally renowned maker of masks in the fashion-tech space.

“It has always been a part of my identity to wear a mask. With Airinum, I can now have a bigger impact. Together, and with the strength of my Walker community, we offer a great product and drive awareness around issues associated with poor air quality,” said Walker.

“That the simple act of breathing is killing seven million people yearly and harming billions more is what made us start this company. Frustrated over the need for our product, we are excited about our Alan Walker collaboration,” said Fredrik Kempe, Co-founder of Airinum.

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