Yesterday, Air Canada posted a Christmas video, which has received over 240,000 views in just a day.

The airline brand said, “This holiday season, Air Canada wanted to give Canadians living abroad one of the best gifts imaginable. Their reactions were pure magic.”

The video comes just days after WestJet posted its extremely successful annual “Christmas Miracle” campaign video. That video now has over 2 million views in just four days.

Filmed last week, the Air Canada video shows staff and two pilots visit the Maple Leaf pub in Covent Garden, London, just around the corner from the offices of the World Branding Forum. Popular with Canadian expats, the pilots ask patrons what they miss most about home.

One of the pilots rings a bell and says, “We have an announcement… Because we are in the holiday season, I’d like to take this occasion to offer everyone present here this evening a round.” Everyone cheered. Who doesn’t like a free round?

But it is not a round of drink that is being offered. Watch the video for the rest of the story.

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