AC Milan has named Diesel its style partner in a three-year strategic collaboration which will see the Italian designer dress the team off-field.

AC Milan has inked a deal to secure fellow Italian brand, Diesel, as the football club’s style partner for the next three years. Embodying the winning spirit and bravado shared between both brands, the strategic partnership will see the designer label dress the team off-field.

The alliance is said to match the passion the two have in common where the aforementioned sport is concerned. According to Diesel founder, Thus Renzo Rosso, the marque’s aim is to achieve a collaboration which is unique, while fuelled with irony, innovation, and modernity.

“I grew up with the red and black colours. Diesel is a dynamic, international company in the fashion world, oriented towards the younger market—the same one we appeal to while following the path of other top European clubs,” Barbara Berlusconi, VP and CEO of AC Milan.

Photo credit: AC Milan website

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