Launching at London’s Southbank, the NEW 7UP Zero Sugar showcases a new pop-up series alongside an interactive Coolbox.

With an influencing Coolbox, 7UP Zero Sugar marks its arrival in four locations in the United Kingdom. 

The brand unveiled the new series recently, with its revamped, intricate design and exotic flavours. Pairing meals with the refreshing taste of 7UP, everyday food occasions can now take on a celebratory spin.

Georgina Meddows-Smith, the Beverages Marketing Director at PepsiCo UK, expressed her sentiments on this occasion. “We’re so excited to be bringing the new 7UP Zero Sugar positioning to life with our fun pop-ups this summer. 7UP Zero Sugar is loved across the UK and really is the perfect partner for food, so we hope these activations bring those moments of joy and upliftment that the brand is so well-known for. This is just the start too, we’re hoping to take the Coolbox to a number of different locations so the whole of the UK can experience the refreshing taste of 7UP Zero Sugar, and we’ve got a load of surprises in store.”

What Is Striking About 7UP Zero Sugar Coolbox?

7UP Coolbox
7UP New Look Image Source 7UP

The first in the series, the Coolbox poses as a shelter in the scorching heat of the Southbank. A sense-awakening moment, the Coolbox rooftop area is transformed into a 7UP chilling centre, integrating giant ice-cube seats and oversized tables designed as the soft drink cans.

Altogether, the Coolbox will be an entertainment chamber. Every 7UP enthusiast will get to gather and enjoy interactive content, trendy at-home recipes, and a never-ending refresh for their tastebuds.

Besides that, visitors will have a chance to get their hands on stylish t-shirts and trendy visors. As far as the eye can see, everything will be a visual testament indicating 7UP Zero Sugar’s new design.

Collaborating with Twisted, the food media brand, the 7UP Zero Sugar campaign will reach new heights of prosperity. The collaboration blends compelling content by Twisted and 7UP Zero Sugar’s pairing with delectable food items.

Beyond that, 7UP Zero Sugar expands its partnership with the Streetfood Warehouse Festival to support their activities. Visitors can enjoy the exclusive 7UP Zero Sugar lounge in four UK destinations: Portishead (7th to 9th July), Ilfracombe (29th to 30th July), Milford (4th to 6th August), and Aberystwyth (18th to 20th August).

Within the 7UP Zero Sugar lounge, visitors can relax, enjoy exotic food with 7UP Zero Sugar, and participate in different summer activities to soak up all the fun and laughter.

Celebrating the brand’s new global launch of the 7UP Zero Sugar, this is the chance to grab a sparkling, refreshing drink to uplift your everyday life.

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