Newest Family-Size Edition LG Styler Features Expanded 6-Garment Capacity

LG Electronics will introduce a larger version of the revolutionary LG Styler clothing care system at CES 2018. In addition to its expanded interior holding up to six garments, the new and improved Styler offers LG SmartThinQ Wi-Fi connectivity with smart features to help make life easier for modern consumers on the go.

Using just pure water, the machine reduces wrinkles and odours, helps sanitise and even dry delicate garments, sports equipment, household linens, children’s toys and more in as little as 20 minutes. Providing an easy way to look fresh and extend the appearance of your clothing between dry cleanings, the new 2018 machine features a Moving Hanger that can hold up to five items of clothing, and the Pants Crease Care, found inside the elegantly designed Glass Door, accommodates pants up to a waist size of 48 inches and is capable of leaving a longer crease of up to 23 inches. The machine’s expanded interior also allows room for clothes that occupy a larger amount of space such as down jackets and padded winter coats.

“The new higher capacity machine is the perfect solution for consumers who want to put their best selves forward. The machine provides a solution for users to maintain a refreshed and ready look for any occasion,” said Dave VanderWaal, Vice President of Marketing, LG Electronics USA.

The machine’sSmartThinQ Wi-Fi compatibility and easy-to-use smartphone controls take user convenience to a new level. Various styling courses are available for download and the mobile app can be used to track energy consumption or notify the user when the cleaning cycle is completed. For clothing with NFC tags, the smartphone app can scan the tag and inform the machine which cleaning course is most effective.

At the heart of the machine is the company’s innovative TrueSteam technology which gently sanitises garments and neutralises unpleasant odours, reducing allergens in clothing. The hot steam sprayed directly onto the clothes sterilises as well as straightens while the Moving Hanger shakes out remaining wrinkles. The Easy Pants Crease Care also reduces behind-the-knee creases, leaving a crisp line down the centre of each leg for a sharp finish.

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