Agencies come together to deliver global solutions with local relevance under Experiential Group by Omnicom

Omnicom announced the launch of Omnicom Experiential Group, a connected collection of Omnicom experiential agencies that will form a borderless experiential network.

This globally diverse group includes best-in-class agencies Auditoire, “DOIT!”, GMR Marketing, “Luxury Makers”, and TRO.

Building upon the agency’s core growth strategies, the Experiential Group is focused on strengthening new business development, creating customised teams for clients, better targeting of internal investments, improving expertise and knowledge across management teams, and creating more opportunities for our employees.

Agencies within the Practice Area will continue to retain their strong individual brands and cultures.

“Omnicom Experiential Group provides us with an opportunity to combine the strengths of our individual agencies to create an unmatched global offering for today’s leading brands.

“We know that marketing is changing at the speed of culture. Now, more than ever, creating a truly meaningful connection and building consumer trust through experiences gives us the power to change how people think, feel and behave,” said Cameron Parsons, CEO of GMR Marketing.

Omnicom Experiential Group will include 1600 practitioners across 29 offices in 16 countries with leadership in five global hubs: London, Milwaukee, Paris, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.

The group creates over 65,000 activations every year, which earn more than a billion engagements (digital and physical).

With one in three CMOs saying they will set aside 21-50% of their budgets for experiential elements (2017 Freeman Global Brand Experience Study), the group is poised to capitalise on the sector’s growth.

The Experiential Group is led by a board consisting of the founding members, Cameron Parsons, CEO, GMR Marketing; Cyril Giorgini, CEO, Auditoire; and Michael Wyrley-Birch, CEO, TRO Group.

The Experiential Group has been formed to fill a significant gap in the market. Bringing these agencies together delivers an unmatched global footprint with world-class experiential expertise.

This further allows the agency to support the evolving needs of global brands, who seek agency solutions that are scalable, nimble and cross-border, whilst maintaining local relevance.

“We all know that more and more people seek experiences over material objects. Omnicom Experiential Group gives us a global toolbox of capabilities and talent to bring brand experiences to life anywhere, anytime.

“For global brands with a need to deliver global strategies with local insight, there is no better solution,” said Cyril Giorgini, CEO of Auditoire.

“In the current environment where fast-changing technology and customer requirements are driving change, speed is a key competitive edge for our clients.

“As a borderless agency, we can develop global strategies and creative that are relevant and implemented by our local experts at the speed that keeps our clients ahead of the competition,” said Michael Wyrley-Birch, CEO, TRO Group.

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