Four individuals recognised for outstanding counsel, underscoring commitment by Ketchum to client service

Global communications consultancy Ketchum, a part of Omnicom Group, today announced the election of eight new partners in recognition of their contributions to the agency. Partners are responsible for leading a significant client relationship, industry, specialty, marketplace, complementary business, or a critical operational support function.

Criteria for consideration include a demonstrated commitment to collaboration and a client-focused, borderless mentality. Partners also must exude the consultancy’s values – Curious, Brave, Inspiring and A Force for Good – all whilst pushing boundaries, inspiring employees and delivering extraordinary client service.

“These eight new partners are committed to morphing and changing our offerings and expertise as they strive to meet client’s needs and evolve our agency,” said Barri Rafferty, partner, President and CEO of Ketchum.

“They aim to continuously be ahead of marketplace and industry trends whilst building a workplace that enables our employees to stretch, grow and bring their whole selves to work.”

Underscoring the consultancy’s commitment to its client service, four individuals were recognised for providing outstanding counsel, leading one of the newly formed industries and cultivating a depth of expertise that helps drive our clients’ businesses forward.

Those individuals are Sara Garibaldi, managing director, Travel & Economic Development; Courtney Perry, Managing Director, Snacks & Beverages; Christy Salcido, Managing Director, Wellness; Lisa Sullivan, Director, Technology.

For driving vital future-of-firm expertise, the following two individuals were recognised: Mary Elizabeth Germaine, Managing Director, Ketchum Analytics; Jim Lin, Digital Strategist and Creative Director.

For leading two of the firm’s critical businesses – one of the largest combined communications consultancies in Germany and the other a specialty business focused on building luxury brands, the following individuals were recognised: Elizabeth Harrison, Principal and CEO, Harrison & Shriftman; Nadine Schulz, General Manager, Brandzeichen Markenberatung und Kommunikation and CMO, Ketchum Germany,

“One of my greatest privileges as CEO of Ketchum is working alongside our amazing talent and being able to recognise their hard work, achievements and outstanding leadership,” said Rafferty.

“They are all so deserving of this honour, and I look forward to working with them to shape the future of the firm.”

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