Twitter have re-launched their premium subscription service Twitter Blue. Apple users will pay a higher price for the service. 

The opt-in service offers accounts the blue Twitter ‘tick’ alongside users being able to gain access to new features. One of these will be the popular ‘edit tweet’ feature.

The service was announced on Twitter’s main account on the weekend. 

Previously the Twitter ‘blue tick’ meant that the user was ‘active’ and ‘notable’. These accounts were also meant to be of public interest and were verified independently based on a set of criteria. Now, the tick means one of two things. Either the account was verified as before, or the account has an active Twitter Blue subscription. 

The social media network explained that web users would be charged $8 (£6.54) per month, and Apple users $11 (£9) a month for the service.

The company said that those paying for the subscription would appear more prominently in people’s feeds than those who were not paying. They also stated that it would help with the ongoing issue of scams and spam that are rife on the network. This was an issue that Twitter owner Elon Musk was particularly bothered by when trying to reach a deal to buy the network, which almost led to the deal falling through. 

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