Unfortunately, online bullying has become quite common these days, especially with female gamers. According to current statistics, one in ten females faces such disgusting gestures. Following this, Sky Broadband and Guild Esports launch a new campaign for female gamers.

With this shocking revelation, Sky Broadband and Guild Esports take a big initiative. Together they launch a campaign, ‘ NoRoomForAbuse’. Sky Broadband reviews all those statistics and underlines the fact that 80% of those abusive messages are sexual.

Sky Broadband
Image Source Sky Broadband and Guild Esports

Besides, the real-time reactions of male players are hard to digest. Females face this harassment, such as “Go fetch this wh*re! Stop playing a man’s game little girl,” and personal questions “What’s your Instagram ID.”

Sky Broadband and Guild Esports together build an immersive space, ‘ Sky Guild Gaming Centre.’ Moreover, the campaign integrates a partnership with different female gamers. That’s how they’ll observe more clearly abusive attitudes towards female gamers.

According to the latest survey, millions of British females experience this toxic gaming culture. Around 49% of female gamers are sexually and abusively harassed by other gamers. Moreover, 75% of those females lie in the age group 18-24.

Jaclyn Beavis, head of advertising and campaigns said, “Sexist abuse in online gaming is completely unacceptable, and we must stand together to address this fundamentally important issue and make online gaming safe and accessible to all. We’re proud to be working with Guild Esports and Cybersmile to help educate gamers and encourage them to be better allies. We’re also committed to creating a level playing field for women in gaming through tournaments, events, educational experiences, and more.”

Thus, by sharing awareness with the tag #NoRoomForAbuse, Sky is encouraging gamers to step forward in this cause.

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