Venice Canal in Italy is mysteriously turning bright green; everyone wonders why. But, we’ll not leave you in the misery of this mystery alone. Let’s unveil this biggest secret!

Being a major Italian seaport, Venice serves as the oldest tourist and cultural landmark. When one asks ‘What to do in Venice?’ You’ll get a large list. However, this time, the Venice adventure also includes this forest green stretch of Venice Grand’s canal.

bright green
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On Sunday, visitors and local authorities observe this sudden turning of the area near the embankment to bright green.

Before this, a similar incident took place when activist turns Rome’s Trevi fountain black to stop fossil fuel excess consumption. Further, in the 1960s, Argentine artist Nicolás García Uriburu turns Venice Canal water green to spread ecological awareness.

However, this time no protagonist group has appeared on the scene.

But at this moment, one must know that neither the weather in Venice nor environmentalists are responsible for this. The fluorescent green turning of the Venice Canal is attributed to a chemical agent. Due to environmental toxicity, the chemical Fluorescein gets into the canal water. As a result, the area around the Rialto Bridge turns bright green.

On Monday, Environmental officials give their verdict about this source of discoloration.  Fluorescein is a non-toxic chemical that companies use to track various underground leaks. Moreover, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence also illustrates its therapeutic usage in the form of eye drops.

Further, authorities have identified no exact quantity. However, ongoing progress will reveal the exact amount in the upcoming week.

Moreover, Italian police are also looking into this matter. Following this, different environmental groups are investigating different buildings, with respect to colors and dyes.

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