Fashion provocateurs Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto are known for their edgy collaborations. This time, they have taken inspiration from the 90s rave scene and, thus, partnered with Seletti to launch a tea set

The designers behind the label Jordanluca disclosed the ‘Meltdown‘ collection as part of their A/W 23 lineup. That marks a shift from their recent high-fashion collaboration with British sportswear brand Lonsdale to the world’s home decor.

The ‘Meltdown’ collection, a fusion of British traditions seemingly at odds—raves and tea time—refines the concept of a traditional tea set. Departing from conventional designs, the collaboration with Seletti introduces porcelain tea cups and saucers molded into psychedelic shapes. 

The assortment also includes a wavy tray and a teapot set uniquely finished with a pill-shaped finial. Hence, it pays homage to the nocturnal escapades of rave culture.

Jordanluca is recognized for pushing boundaries with designs that flirt with audacity. Further, it finds a seamless union with Seletti’s whimsical and unconventional creations. Amazingly, the partnership acts as a testimony to their shared knack for challenging norms in fashion and home decor. 

Seletti, established in 1964, has long captivated both the art and fashion worlds with its facetious designs. Because of this, this collaboration is a natural progression for both brands.

Tea Set

What message does the Tea Set Collection aim to convey to its audience?

More than a mere coming together of creative minds, the ‘Meltdown’ collection symbolizes a celebration of individuality. It merges contrasting worlds into a fresh and captivating creation. As a consequence, it invites a relook at customary teatime rituals. This way, it encourages embracing the rebellious spirit into daily routines with rave coffee.

Astonishingly, the ‘Meltdown’ collection redefines the traditional tea set by infusing it with elements of defiance and values. Moreover, its innovative designs challenge perceptions, urging individuals to explore and support the unconventional in their everyday lives. 

The tea set collection is available for exploration on Especially for people fascinated by this bold overlap of fashion and home decor. Go and visit it now!

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