The highly-anticipated New York Fashion Week signals the end of a four-year hiatus for American heritage brand Ralph Lauren.

To say that Ralph Lauren‘s return to New York Fashion Week is a significant trademark for the brand would be factually incorrect. Instead, his big homecoming to his hometown marks the brand’s grand return.

Ralph Lauren’s comeback will be accompanied by a large-scale New York Fashion Week runway show on the evening of the 8th of September. This year, Lauren is planning to debut a womenswear line. The whereabouts of the show are still unknown, but will most probably happen in downtown Manhattan.

Nevertheless, this will be a major return for the 83-year-old designer after four years of runway absence. The last show Ralph Lauren staged was held in 2019 on Wall Street, which received recognition as Ralph’s Club.

New York Fashion Week
Ralph Lauren at the New York Fashion Week in 2018

Despite his break from New York Fashion Week, the fashion designer has been busy with various off-calendar events. In October 2022, the brand took over the Huntington Library in California show. Earlier that year, Ralph Lauren conquered the stage during its show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Moreover, the designer will also make a runway return for Milan Fashion Week after four years. This latest showcase inside Palazzo Ralph Lauren features a Purple Label collection titled Dolce Vita. The Championships at Wimbledon in London also showcase an exclusive Ralph Lauren collection.

For sure, Ralph Lauren has a bit tight schedule this year, working for the blockbuster Creed III to sponsoring Wimbledon.

As fashion week approaches, the fashion industry is rife with speculation about what he has up his tailored sleeves. Moreover, Ralph Lauren fans have hinted that his comeback could possibly be due to a 33% stock increase.

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