According to an announcement, Prada will hire over 400 people in Italy by this year’s end. The Italian luxury group aims to strengthen production capacity and encourage growth.
Prada’s investment plan involves expanding central plants and hiring/training new workforce. This would allow the group to become more agile and reduce the time-to-market.
Being listed on the Hong Kong stock market, Prada employs around 5,300 people in Italy. Among them, 3,200 are working in manufacturing.
Massimo Vian, Prada’s industrial director, said, “We have an ongoing commitment to strengthen the industrial backbone of the group, while being respectful of our long-time suppliers. Today, we are proud to announce more than 400 new jobs which will support the Group’s growth in the coming years.”
“The Prada Group Academy is crucial for the future preservation of our know-how. We feel a responsibility to invest in young talent. They will become the next generation of expert craftspeople.” he added
In recent years, Prada and other brands have focused on enhancing their supply chains. Also, they plan to increase in-house manufacturing.
Approximately half of the new employees will receive training from the Academy. The company-established professional school teaches manual and craft skills across various sectors.
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